About Us


Skyflow offers an alternative to a conventional down pipe systems with a complete turnkey siphonic drainage solution to all your storm water drainage and rain water harvesting situations.

From the 1st day you contact Skyflow to the day the project is handed over we DESIGN, SUPPLY, INSTALL, TEST and WARRANT the system giving you one point of contact and peace of mind.

Siphonics is a simple concept that all but, eliminates the air from entering the system due to a baffle at the inlet which in turn allows the pipes to run full bore of water. A conventional system pipe runs at approx 1/3 full, therefore a siphonic system running at full bore reduces the size and the quantity of pipes required saving costs to the consumer.

A siphonic system can collect enormous volumes of water from large roof areas and pipe the water horizontally without any gradient throughout out the building to remote collection points, tanks or drains.

Have a look at our benefits of a siphonic system page to see the other advantages a Skyflow siphonic system has over a conventional system and why siphonic systems are becoming the most efficient and effective way to drain your building.


Team work – It is not just the effort of our senior players but the whole Skyflow group that works together to provide a service to deliver a product that we can be proud to sell to anyone. A product that we know has been Designed, Installed, Tested and Warranted by our team that we can stand behind.



    The owner of the company, has 40 years’ experience in the building and construction industry. Over the last 20 years, Robert has been tendering and installing siphonic systems throughout Malaysia and Asia in well over 1000 major projects with his 1st project being the KLIA International Airport back in 1996. His technical background and hands on approach to each project is invaluable in the design and implementation of the system which guarantees a smooth turnkey product to the client or Maincon.



    Eric is our Head designer and has over 10 years’ experience in designing Siphonic systems in projects throughout Malaysia and Asia. His general understanding of running the system throughout a building makes it easy for the Architects and consultants to implement the system into the project by using the dead spots that are not usually used, saving space and costs to the client.


    OUR “A” TEAM

    The majority of our installation team have well over 10 years’ experience in the installation of Siphonic systems. Their experience on site is crucial to the installation of the system and to the quality that Skyflow strives to provide. It is their knowledge and understanding of the HDPE pipe work, and their implementation of the system on site that ensures Skyflow can comfortably guarantee OUR product with warranty.